Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 49: Toby's Juke Joint Re-opening

April 11th 
Toby's Juke  joint is now OFFICIALLY open, so many people have been coming to listen to the great DJ's and to dance that it seemed pointless do anything but make the announcement.

I have continued to have pics sent which I add in as and when I can. This one above was sent by AugustaMary and I love it!

"Toby's Juke Joint will rise, phoenix like, from the ashes before the end of April."

April 7th 2013
I wrote that on 17th March, little knowing what would happen in a few short weeks. The Juke is built and ready for the official opening. We will set the date and let the group know in a day or two.
The schedule is almost  filled for a 24/7 DJ set club. We have 33 DJ's signed up and many have tried their streaming kit out already.
We have to  thank Sundown for  the amazing DJ and Host contacts he has pulled in for us, and also to thank his partner  Abbi for being his, and our,  rock.

We had so much interest that we responded to the call for a 'soft opening' which meant that people could  come and hang and dance whist the DJ's and Toby  and Sun tested the technical aspects of the club. We had no idea so many  would come, traffic as of yesterday was over 21,000.

I have added  a few more pics that people were kind enough to send.
Toby's is back.......and YOU have made it possible!

So whats happening right now?

Its DJ Chey until 8.00 am SLT

Thank you so much

I was talking to Toby last week (March).....and suggested again (as I have done many times, but not recently), that he might consider re-opening the Juke.

Imagine my surprise when he said yes!
so now he is busy rebuilding

This is the view from outside at the front door  at present.......

......and the famous logo on the dance floor!

Trying out the dance mats!

And here we have Toby asking my advice!

We asked Sun (Sundown Merchiston) a DJ from way back if he would help us with organising the DJ bookings as we will still have to give  priority to ArchiTech Design. 

We are thrilled that both he and his partner Abbi have agreed to be  be very involved.
Check out Sun's page here:-

I also asked if anyone had pics from the old  days and have  had these so far (I will be adding if anyone sends more)

Ida Wezzog sent this real oldie from 2007

Kiera Barrymore sent these two pics...........

.....from the days when the Juke was truly blue (inside I mean)

DJ Chey sent the next three.... this one was taken by the famous DJ Milan Zepp

 This is Cheyenne herself, I think she told me she was only 9 days old when she first visited Toby's.

 Here is Chey with her friend Piper...... both angelic as you can see.

......and here with Sorcha also on Toby's Cow!

Sun sent me this great pic  of regular's synch dancing on the old bar!

Abbi Merchiston (as she is now) sent this one (Friday March 05 3:14:51PM PDT 2010)

AP (aphrodite.palletier) sent this, she was only 1 month old then ( Saturday May 29 8:38:47PM PDT 2010)

Em (Ethna MBride) sent this of herself at the bar (Monday January 04 2:34:16PM PDT 2010).

BobbyJo Rossman sent this one of a typical Juke dance clinch (March 03 9:23:46AM PDT 2010).

This was taken by Bill Ecclersley with Bobbi.....he seems to like her! (March 03 8:36:21AM PDT 2010).

Sarheni took this of the girls dancing together (Tuesday March 02 6:21:25AM PDT 2010)

This one sent by Moonberry (well it was her first avi) shows some of the early detail.

'Just looking for it' was sent by Leondra Larsson (with Synergy Wantanbe)

These next seven were sent by the same person in I just added the titles from the pics..... this one is  Jukin' Toby's_  Spud, Tika and Courageous.

Sabi and Sarge Dancin' at Toby's Juke

"Olivia, Shel and Courageous Doing Toby's 6-01-09"  

'Sabi, Tika, Courageous and Que at Toby's'

"The Whole Gang At Toby's In Our Formals LOL 6-2-09 "

'Showing some guy how to Dance'

"Tika and cC at Tipsy Tuesday at Toby's Joint! "

Milan Zepp has given permission to use these pics from his album.

Here he is with Shamira and Luna.......

..who was very at home in the Juke.......

...and never left his side. He will be a regular DJ for  the Juke.

Thomy Hancroft sent this and the next few pics.......

......dancing with Carmel.....

...dancing closer with Carmel.......

Hanging out at the bar!

The old booths !

and dancing.....!

This is Tika  and Cat on 'Tipsy Tuesday' (dont ask)

 Here are a couple of really early ones........

..from the blue days were sent by Moonberry Sorbet.

I am not sure who sent  this old  bar guy pic!

Taskin Parx sent this of the old Blue Club in 2009.

This is from Nanou in 2010... thats her in the middle.

Here is Loverboy Priestly from the olden days!

This is about the time  I first started going regularly.....(thats me on the left) ...and I can only say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (There is a story here but my lips are sealed).

State of Play @ 17th March 2013
Toby is working on  putting the original build back together which came back to him in 100's of pieces with some items missing.
Sun is liaising with DJ's and their hostesses to create the best sets ever. A number of past DJ's have signed up already.
I am making swampy plants and such for the outside.

How can you help?
Well the Juke was always as good as its regulars so your help is essential in the following ways:-

1. Spread the word....big time please.....!
2. Ask people to join Toby's Juke Joint Group for updates and the opening date. 

(cut and paste into chat or search for Toby's Juke Joint)
3. If you are an interested blues DJ please contact Sundown Merchiston directly
4. Send any pictures you have that you are happy to add here to me please

5. Come ad see for yourself.
Dearest Myrtle